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The Best Way to Reach

Both Android & Apple Smart Phones

With A Beacon Or Geofence!


Beacon Marketing


It is a well known fact that Beacons are the next revolution of marketing. Beacons give you the ability to provide real time push notifications about products, deals, events and more inside and outside a store front.

Geofencing - Proximity Marketing


Create proximity boundaries around businesses to create a consumer Geofence. Once consumers drive or walk through a Geofence they receive real -time push notifications of deals, products, special events and more.

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Deals, Products & Notifications


How do businesses get real-time notifications to potential customers around their store? Beacons & Geofencing that is how! Proximity marketing gets real-time notification to consumers when they are most likely to use them.

The Platinum Difference

What makes our geofencing solution unique?

Unrivaled Accuracy


Knowing customers could be within a couple of blocks of your location isn’t useful if you need to know when they’ve actually arrived.


Platinum Edge Media delivers accurate location detection down to your storefront – 20X the accuracy compared to other solutions.


This accuracy powers use cases such as mobile toll payments (lane detection at high speeds), differentiating drive-thru versus walk-in customers, and so much more.


Multi-layer, Complex Polygon Geofences


Platinum Edge Media gives you the flexibility you need to map out any location, no matter how concentrated or complex.


Our geofences support any shape or size, including Geolines™️ – a single, razor-thin tripwire for precision down to a store entrance.


With Platinum Edge Media, you can create geofences that match the real-world shape of your location without being limited to a generic circle, square, or just lat/long coordinates.



Worldwide brands need scalable, worldwide solutions. Geofence unlimited locations without hardware. For ease of deployment, Platinum Edge Media can programmatically geofence up-to-date points of interest (POI) worldwide.


150+ Million POI

RESTFUL APIs make scaling simple.


Data to Power Individual Moments


Location data helps place consumers in the context of their physical behaviors – giving brands valuable insights for improving their services/products.


From tourism to tolling to QSRs, serve customers in the right moment with location intelligence.


Just a few of the data points Platinum Edge Media's deliverables include:

  • dwell time

  • entry into a location

  • exit from a location

  • visit frequency

  • speed of travel (e.g. walking, driving slowly, traveling at highway speeds)


Confidently take action on the insights at every level – from aggregate down to the individual.


Platinum Edge Media solutions are utilized nationwide in many sectors and industries.

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