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Platinum Edge Media Ai Chatbots

Platinum ChatBots

  • Ai Technology Working For You

  • Build More Leads & Increase Website Conversions

  • Identify Your Customer Automatically


  • Decrease Customer Response Time Increase Buyer Interaction

  • Interact With Visitors 24/7 /365


Do You Know Who Visits

Your Website?

Did you realize that on average only about 2% of website visitors will identify themselves through sign-up forms? That leaves about 98% of your visitors unidentified and is a lost opportunity to build a relationship with your potential customers and promote your products and services. That is unless you have a website with Platinum Ai Chatbot Technology! You answer your phone when a customer calls...Why not answer your website!


  • Who is visiting your website

  • Why they're looking

  • What they're looking for

  • Where they're coming from

  • How often they visit

  • How long they view your pages, and more!

What Are


Chatbots are software applications that are programmed to send messages to users in a conversational interface, much like a live chat widget. They act like digital agents and are used to interact with your site visitors.

They can complete a number of tasks that your visitor might require, whether it be pointing them to the right product of interest, helping direct them through to your sales team, or taking a booking or reservation. There is no end to what you can get a chatbot to do for you and everyone has slightly different requirements.

Ultimately they can act like a digital agent on your site, interacting with as many visitors as you have on your site at any one time and working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year! They never stop.

Please contact us for a Free Consultation so we can help you understand how a bespoke chatbot can increase your conversions and help your team deal with the customers that really matter!

A NEW "Bot" Technology

Our Revolutionary “AI” can explode the Conversions of almost ANY Website.

  • Affiliate Review Sites

  • List-Building Pages

  • WordPress

  • Blogs

  • Sales Letters

  • eCommerce Websites

  • Local Business Sites

  • Webinar Registration Pages

  • Platinum Edge Media Apps

  • Freelance Websites

  • Almost ANY Website you can think of...

PEM Chatbots work with

Works With Most All Programs


Quick & Easy- Extremely affordable for any business- Ramp up your website

 Promote & Engage Your Customers to Buy Now!

Choose from: Lead Generation Bot- Discount Coupon Bot- Social Shares Bot- Cart Discount Bot

Just $9.99 mo. Ready to deploy within minutes.

Preview Bot - Purchase- Just fill out a few questions- Upload Single Line Of Code To Website.



For Your Business

Affordable for any business- Ready to deploy within 7 Business Days (or Less)

Specific To Your Type Of Business- Just Answer A Few Questions!

We Have Ready To Deploy Bots For Most All Businesses. Below Are A Few Popular Bots to Preview


Work with our team of experts in Chatbot technology. Leverage our many years of experience with our cutting edge chatbot development platform. From the simple to sophisticated and everything in between, we will help you deploy the perfect custom Bot for your business or brand!

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