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So Your Show Goers Have Downloaded

Your App, Now What?

This is where the magic begins! Your app has captured their mobile information automatically and put them on your promotions list. Here's some of what you can do! It's all included with your app and why our system is so successful:​

Prior To The Show

  • Your app download info is displayed on table tents, and video monitors.


  • Customers download your app

  • Play a Welcome Video or Personal Thank You for coming to the show

  • Customers can buy Merchandise and have it Shipped, Delivered to their seats or Picked up in lobby

  • Engage Your Audience -  With Text Trivia about your Show, Concert or Performers.

  • Run a Contest and award prizes... automatically!

  • Run a Loyalty Rewards Program

  • Add Sponsorship Ads within your app

  • Tons more features. 

After The Show

  • Customers pick up their purchases in the lobby or have delivered to their seat.


  • Send an autoresponder directly to their phone right after the show and thank them for coming!

  • Add a coupon or cross promotion for redemption later with a "Thank You" message.

  • Send a Poll or Survey and get feedback about the Show.

  • Promote a Special Events anytime via Text, Photos, Slideshows or Video.

  • Send Birthday / Anniversary Wishes with or without a gift or promo coupon.

  • Customers can Buy additional Tickets through your app.

  • Customers can Share your Promotions with Friends & Family!

  • We customise your solution to your Style of Show. Contact us for more detailed information and to get started  

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